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Paige Spiranac Has Brutally Honest Admission On Golf Pros

Paige Spiranac's racy golf course outfit is going viral on social media.

Earlier this week, Paige Spiranac announced a new subscription site where fans can see exclusive content.

In additions to photos and videos, the former professional golfer will also be giving out golf advice. That led one fan to suggest people should go elsewhere for their golf advice.

"No disrespect but if anybody ever needs golf instruction then they should consult their local professional!" the fan said. "Getting golf instruction off YouTube is like going to trying to get advice about your sore foot from someone at the pub."

Spiranac saw the comment and had a very blunt admission about local golf professionals.

"Truth is most 'local pros' aren’t very good and the great ones are $$$$," she said. "It’s the fun trend to s*** on me but I’ve played at a high level and I’ve learned from the best. If I weren’t doing social media I would be a teaching pro. I’m giving you great instruction for $10 a month."

There are always critics on social media, but Paige knows how to handle them.